Orange is the new black

One of the few upsides of COVID-19 is observing the creativity and compassion it has brought out in so many in our communities. One initiative that KDPO loved so much we donated our time to help get the word out was from our clever friends at event and design consultancy, Moth Design. Called The Happy Scrubs, the initiative is all about bringing the Melbourne community together (or at least the ones who can sew) to make scrubs, gowns and caps for our healthcare workers.

The idea for The Happy Scrubs hatched after one of Moth Design’s producers was asked to sew a few scrubs for health workers through a Facebook contact. While in a fabric store picking out material for the project, she was approached for advice by a desperate healthcare worker who was in the store, flicking through patterns but with no clue about how to sew. And so The Happy Scrubs was born, a completely volunteer-led initiative with all fundraising costs going towards fabric, sewing supplies and delivery costs. Moth also worked with several organisations to help distribute the gear to the doctors, nurses and healthcare providers that needed them the most.

KDPO was able to get coverage for The Happy Scrubs on Channel Nine News (which went viral and resulted in more than 400 new volunteer sewers signing on) and in Broadsheet and the Sydney Morning Herald.

The Happy Scrubs volunteers have now sewn more than 3.5km of fabric into scrubs. It’s a result that makes us happy and proud to help.

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Images by Albert Comper