Bee Marffy

Bee loves a story: be it listening, writing or making a full Shakespearean act of a simple visit to the supermarket. And that’s why we love her.
While her friends were reading Dolly Doctor and Girlfriend, Bee was flipping through the pages of Nigella’s ‘How To Be A Domestic Goddess’, and while the domestic part is still a work in progress (by her own admission), her love for food continues.
Often referred to by her family and friends as an unofficial ambassador for Melbourne’s best bars and restaurants, Bee will tell anyone who’ll listen about a new place they just have to visit. Now she gets to do it for work, sitting on the forefront of what’s happening in our bustling and beautiful city.
Bee made the move to PR propelled by her passion for people and words, all of which collide here at KDPO. She now leads some of our biggest clients, doing it all with a sunny disposition that’s made her a favourite among our team and beyond.